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Revita® Conditioner, a revolutionary dual purpose strengthening hair conditioner is the perfect product for anyone who wants better, stronger, thicker looking hair.  With over 13 active ingredients that are encapsulated within Nanosomes, hydrophobic, bio-adhesive, microspheres,  this next-generation delivery system adheres to the scalp and hair, keeping the formula working long after the hair has been rinsed.

Revita® haircare is a highly effective strengthening hair line that is a direct result of DS Laboratories’ work and cutting-edge research in hair health. Revita® is researched and recommended by Dermatologists. Suitable for all hair types and safe for color treated hair. Sulfate and paraben free.




Strengthening hair conditioner complements other regimens and programs

At the first sign of hair thinning, we must make sure we are not damaging the scalp with harsh chemicals. Then we should start addressing the follicles with compounds known to be therapeutic.*

Revita should be the shampoo component of anyone’s regimen to stop hair thinning, increase scalp vitality and health. *

In 2013, DS Laboratories extended the successful Revita line to include new Revita.LT, formulated especially for blonde and other light colors of hair.

Unlike common shampoos, Revita contains no sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, or other cheap detergents that inflame scalp tissue. Instead, it deploys natural cleansers; ingredients to increase scalp health and compounds to boost hydration, nutrition, and protein.

Synergies between these cutting-edge ingredients mean that Revita and Revita.LT can help address thinning and support restoration.*

Getting started

Premature hair thinning generally distorts and diminishes self image in proportion, making us feel older and less attractive than our peers.

Optimal anti-thinning regimines include certain lifestyle practices that can avoid thinning and increase scalp health. Consider these:


  • Stop using harsh chemicals, including straight-minoxidil products, which can irritate.
  • Exercise regularly to improve circulation, lower stress, and reduce androgen levels naturally.
  • Use a comb, gently, instead of a brush.
  • Seek treatment for medical conditions.
  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Discontinue birth-control pills.


Despite the many scientific advances of the last decade, most treatments still work best in the early stages of thinning. In the first 10 or 15 years of shedding, follicles retain their potential. After 15 or 20 years, however, fewer have that potential.

Using Revita shampoo, especially in conjunction with a topical formulations such as Spectral.DNC-N or Spectral.DNC-S, allows users to address thinning with minimal cost and without any pain or intrusive procedures.*



[*] Results are not guaranteed, individual results may vary.


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